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Free Advice: Eliminating Flies

August 23rd, 2020

“BUGS” BURGER BUG KILLERS, INC. has developed a very low cost system to eliminate all types of small flies that are a nuisance to the hospitality industry.  These small flies (drain, fruit and phorid) are conducive to breeding inside a food service environment.

The key to eliminating these flies is to break up the breeding cycle.  Our plan is simple and very cost effective. This entails killing the adults and larvae at the same time. These groups of small flies breed in moist decaying organic matter such as produce, wet drywall, loose floor tiles, floor drains, filth build up, standing water under bars and behind equipment, and many other places in commercial kitchens and bars.


The following steps must be followed to eliminate the small flies and not allow them to reproduce again:

Items needed:

 Floor drain brush

1-gallon plastic sprayer



Floor fans



1)    All floor drains are cleaned with hot soapy water and a floor drain brush. 

2)    All floor drain covers are cleaned and run through the dishwasher.

3)    All large floor drains with multiple drainage from ice bins and sinks are cleaned with a brush and hot soapy water.

4)    All garbage cans are thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water.  

5)    A solution of 20% bleach and 80% water is prepared in an inexpensive one-gallon sprayer.  These sprayers can be purchased at any hardware store. This solution will solidify fly larvae on contact. The solution is then applied in areas that are conducive to small fly breeding. Examples of these areas are loose floor and baseboard tiles, under bar equipment, dish rooms, under ice machines, wait stations with soda dispensing equipment, tile grout, and floor drains.

With a rag this bleach and water solution is wiped under equipment such as ice bins that have constant water condensation. Pipes and hoses in bar areas as well as soda dispensing machines are treated with this solution. Flies breed wherever they are given the opportunity. 


6)    In the area where you are having small fly issues, place all exposed food in the walk-in refrigerators or secure areas, and cover all dishes with plastic garbage bags. Have your exterminator do a light fogging in breeding areas to knock down the adult flies. To save the expense of the exterminator making a special trip, you can do it yourself. At any hardware store, grocery store or your food supplier get a can of bug spray. Make sure the active ingredient is pyrethrum. Do a proper preparation and spray in the general areas where you see these flies. This will knock them down and kill them, which begins to eliminate the breeding cycle.

7)    Small flies love to breed in filthy mops, brooms, dustpans, etc. Make sure your mops and brooms are cleaned with the bleach and water solution.  After using mops, brooms, and dustpans, it is imperative to hang them upside down so they dry properly.  

8)    If you store produce in Lexan type containers, make sure to clean them out thoroughly between deliveries. This will help you rotate your stock, but most importantly will not allow the small flies to have an opportunity to reproduce. Hanging onion bags are notorious for small fly reproduction.  Hang onion bags in a cool dry environment to limit reproduction.

9) Small stationary fans are then placed in areas that are notorious for small fly breeding. The constant air motion will not allow adult flies to land and lay their eggs. This process begins to break the breeding cycle. 


These steps should be repeated nightly for five days until the problem is eliminated.  Once the problem is solved, this procedure should be repeated every Monday night.

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