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A Lifetime of Experience

The original “Bugs” Burger Bug Killers Inc. was founded in 1960 by Alvin and Sandee Burger (rhymes with merger). The pest elimination industry runs deep in the Burger veins as Al was a fourth generation exterminator. His family owned a pest control company out of Albany, New York and Springfield, Massachusetts. “Bugs” Burger came to be the name of the company since Al was known as Al “Bugs” Burger. Al recognized that pest control companies were charging their customers for a service while not delivering results. He decided to come up with a new pest elimination policy. The policy was an instant success since “Bugs” Burger was the first company to offer pest elimination services to the hospitality industry, not just pest control. 

“I don’t just control pests, I eliminate them.”
Alvin Burger
Northeast Regional Sales Meeting in 1986
Alvin, Sandee, and Andrew Burger (from left to right, 1984)

“Bugs” Burger eliminated pests in over 12,000 restaurants and hotels spread across 43 states. The legend of “Bugs” Burger was so great that in 1986, “Bugs” Burger was sold to S.C. Johnson Wax which subsequently changed the name of the company to Prism. In 2000, S.C. Johnson Wax sold the Prism division to Orkin Pest Control. Meanwhile, Andrew Burger, son of Al and Sandee, continued to work in the pest control industry.

Andrew grew up in the industry—he worked as a technician in Gainesville, Florida, for his parents for about two years, then moved on to sales in New York and New Jersey. After his family sold B.B.B.K., Andrew worked with Orkin for over five years as a Quality Assurance Manager. He focused primarily on national restaurant chains.

At this point in time, Andrew wanted to bring back his family’s company and focus on the values that led him to work in the pest elimination field. In 2003, “Bugs” Burger Bug Killers, Inc. came full circle when Andrew purchased the trade name back from S.C. Johnson Wax, bringing “Bugs” Burger Bug Killers, Inc. back into the Burger family. 

In 2009, Al and Sandee Burger were inducted into the Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame for their famous industry-wide 100 percent money-back guarantee for commercial accounts. 

Today B.B.B.K. is ever growing and Andrew is continuing the legend of his family, and his parents’ pest elimination guarantee. Andrew has taken the importance of disinfecting into account and is currently working pest elimination and The Corona 2-Step™. and Virucide Program. 

B.B.B.K. technician’s at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, in the early 80’s
"I’m duplicating most things my father already created"
Andrew Burger
President of B.B.B.K.
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